Allie Pennington (Ellie pictured below)
Born 1996 (aged 16)


Annapolis, Maryland

Occupation Student at Avalon High

Allie Pennington (referred to as Elaine "Ellie" Harrison in the original novel) is the main character in the movie Avalon High (2010) and the novel Avalon High, as well as the subsequent graphic novel sequel series Avalon High: Coronation.

Appearance Edit

In the novel, Ellie is described as tall and dark haired. She stands at five feet and ten inches tall. She is tanned from all of her time floating in the pool and describes herself as "geeky-looking".

In the 2010 movie adaption of the novel, Allie has light blonde-brown hair and bright blue eyes. She is about five feet tall.

Personality Edit

Allie is a good-natured person who easily makes friends and doesn't judge people by their place in society. She is very determined, and is not easily intimidated, like when she refused to stand down when facing Mordred.

Though she respected that Will was already dating Jennifer, her infatuation towards him was very clear. She has a very strong sense of justice and obligation.

Biography Edit

Elaine describes herself as "the practical one". She moves to Annapolis from Minnesota, which is also known as "the Land of 10,000 Lakes" which seems to foreshadow that she is The Lady of the Lake, in the movie however she is King Arthur.

She was the fastest runner on the track team at her old school. She is named for the Lady of Shalott in the Arthurian legend who falls in love with Lancelot yet commits suicide in the end because Lancelot leaves her for Guinevere. Marco makes several references to her name throughout the book, mainly because of what Mr. Morton told him about the legend, calling her "lily maid" and making references to the love of floating that is apparently the only trait that she shares with her namesake. However, despite her namesake, she is really King or Queen Arthur.

At Annapolis, she feels an attraction to William Wagner, despite knowing him for a relatively short time. Through her parents' scholar backgrounds, she has a deep understanding of the Medieval Ages and the Arthurian legend, which, as she points out, can cause some problems for her socially. In her World Literature class, she feels slightly embarrassed at times due to her already having read most of the books. After a while, she begins to notice the strange coincidences between the legend and Avalon High.

Avalon High (2010 film) Edit

In the movie, Allie is shown to be having a dream about King Arthur and his Knights. Mordreds' Knights are being shown coming after King Arthur and knocking him off his horse. The horse is shown running away into the beach water and the main character Allie is shown lying on the ground in armor. Allie then wakes up on the floor and her mother rushes into her room. She tells Allie that she heard a thump, Allie explains that she fell out of bed. It is revealed that she has just moved because her mother states "since your up you can unpack." She opens a box entitled school stuff and opens her Avalon High Student Handbook. Allie flips through the pages and finds a flyer for the tryouts for the track and field team.

Allie crumbles the paper up and notes "What's the point". She goes down into the kitchen and tells her parents that she that she had dream about King Arthur. She asks how long they will be there as they unpack the books. She says its pointless as they will just move in 6 months in response her parents say it that they will not leave in six months or one or two. It is revealed that they will be staying there for three years. Allie is thrilled as she can make real friends and graduate at Avalon High.

She runs up to her parents, gives them a huge hug and goes out running. She meets Will when she goes to the water fountain and has a vision of her and him in armor as they get their water.

Personal relationships Edit


  • Elaine is renamed Allie Pennington in the movie.
  • Elaine is the reincarnation of King Arthur, although Mr. Morton and Marco thought she was the The Lady of Shalott, who she was named after. In the original novel, Ellie is actually The Lady of the Lake.
  • In the film, when Allie first goes running in the movie her sweat pants change length.
  • In the book, Elaine owns a cat named Tig.
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