This article is about the relationship between Allie Pennington and William Wagner.


After school, Allie goes running around the school when her cap falls off. She goes running after it. Coincidentally, it ends up in Will's hands. He hands her the cap back and they start talking. She asks him what he's doing out here and Will answers that he's running and thinking about his life. He tells her that everyone only talks about football around him and he can't think of anything else to talk about. Will admits that football used to mean everything to him, but now he feels too much pressure from everyone counting on him to win the football game and trying to win a football scholarship. However, he needs one, otherwise he won't get accepted into a college. She tries to comfort him and tells him that the only way to take the pressure off is to remember how victory felt like. Allie invites Will to her house for burgers.

Will comes over to Allie's house for burgers. At Allie's house, all Allie's parents talked about was football, making Will's statement very accurate.

The next day, Will has a party to celebrate them winning the game. Miles likes this pretty girl but he's letting his fear take place and he's not stopping it. At the party there was a scream coming from the backyard, because Marco put fake bugs on all the food scaring the guests and he then says regrets his dad marrying Will's mother. Allie called Will "kinda perfect" then she restated it as "his game was perfect". Miles had a vision of Jen and Lance being together. Allie tries to find a bathroom and she comes upon Will's room and sees his Prom King Crown and it made Allie think of King Arthur's crown that she found in the book

a few days ago. She tries to find the bathroom again and she sees Jen and Lance together holding hands in a room all by themselves. Allie takes a second look but Jen and Lance see her and Allie runs away, Jen goes after Allie wanting to explain what was going on. Jen catches up to her and brings her to a room where no one would know what was going on. She tells Allie that even though she was dating Will she was really in love with Lance. She tries to make Allie promise not to tell Will but Allie runs away before she promises Jen anything. She meets Miles on Will's front porch and she looks back to see Will looking at her.

As Will walks forward to talk to her she grabs Miles' arm and pulls him away from the door. Will watches them leave until Lance comes up to the door and asks if everything was okay. Allie soon learns that Will is King Arthur and Marco is Mordred; Allie's parents tells Allie and Miles that everything would happen on the night of the big game.

On the night of the game Allie tells Will about Jen and Lance and that he's King Arthur. He gets mistaken and thinks that he's like King Arthur. At the game he forgets his helmet in the locker room and Allie waits for him in the crowd. She went back in the locker room but cant find him there, Miles says he saw Will in a vision and that he's in the theater room. While there they see Will on the ground, and after accusing Marco, Will says that he's good. They find out that Allie is really the reincarnation of King Arthur.

After being transported, they battle against Mr. Moore who is really Mordred. After winning the battle, they go back to the game. They win the football game, and Will and Allie share a kiss and run off the field. Lance and Jen get together, and Miles gets his girl as well. In the end credits it shows Allie, Will, Jen, Marco, and Lance at the Round Table.


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