Avalon High is a movie adaption of the novel Avalon High, it is a Disney Channel Original Movie and aired November 12 2010.

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The story begins with a young transfer student, Allie Pennington registering at Avalon High. On her way to class, she encounters a boy, Miles as he's being bullied by Marco, the stepbrother of William "Will" Wagner, the star quarterback of the school's football team. Fortunately, Will comes to Miles aid, demanding Marco to leave Miles alone.

After that Allies meets the History teacher, Mr. Moore. Who breaks the class up into pairs and has them draw research paper topics out of an Arthurian helmet for their latest assignment. Miles is paired with Allie, who draws the Order of the Bear. After school, Allie tries out for the school's track team and impresses the coaches. Later that evening, Miles comes to Allie's house to study. Following Mr. Moore's advice, the two ask Allie's parents (who happen to be professors of medieval literature at the local university) finds a book called the "Journal of the Order of the Bear". Which about the Order of Bear. Allie's mother tells them that the Order of the Bear is a group of people who believe that King Arthur will one day be reincarnated. Skeptically, Allie asks when this event is supposed to happen; her mother replies that Arthur will return when he is needed to lead the world out of darkness. While he shares Allie's skepticism, her father goes on to explain that the forces of darkness will be led by Arthur's evil stepbrother Mordred. Who will also be returning to spoil the revival of Camelot and ensure that darkness triumphs.

The next day, after class with Mr. Moore, Mr. Moore asks Allie if she found any information on the Order of the Bear. She tells him that she finds it doubtful that there will be a reincarnation of King Arthur. However, like Allie's mother, Mr. Moore too believes that King Arthur will be reincarnated some day. Allie suggests that she could bring book containing the prophecy to him tomorrow, though he declines. On their way to the cafeteria, Allie happens to notice Lance and Jennifer flirting with each other. The pair immediately stop when they notice that Allie had caught them. After school, Allie goes running around the school when her cap falls off. Coincidentally, it ends up in Will's hands. Will admits that he feels too much pressure from everyone counting on him to win the game and, but Allie comforts him and invites Will to her house for dinner.

The next day, Will has a party to celebrate them winning the game where she sees Jennifer and Lance together holding hands. Allie takes a second look but Lance and Jennifer spot her and Allie runs off, Jennifer catcher up to her and tries to explain what was going on. Jennifer asks Allie not to tell Will about her and Lance, because she is afraid he will react the same way as Arthur reacted of being told about Guinevere and Lancelot (she knows about the event from, the assignment in history class about that specific "tragedy" that she and Lance are working on). Allie can not accept Jennifer's word. Jennifer tries to make Allie promise not to tell Will but Allie runs away instead.

The next day, Allie brings the book for Mr. Moore to read. Throughout the day, she tries to avoid talking to Will due to the pleading looks from Lance and Jennifer. Marco also warns Allie about telling Will about the young couple. However, Allie meets up with Will while running and become closer. At the game, Lance is temporarily distracted by Jennifer's cheerleading, allowing Will to get hit by the opposing team. This costs them the game, and possibly the state championship. Afterwards, Allie sits with Will by the field, intending to tell him of Jennifer's betrayal, but Marco interrupts her.

That night, Miles comes to Allie's house and hesitantly reveals that he can see in to the future. He came to tell her that there is a hidden page in the book on the Order of the Bear. They learn that the coming of Arthur is on a night of an eclipse and a meteor shower, the day of the big game. The book also warns of the coming of Mordred, who intends to destroy his half-brother Arthur. After getting more insight from her parents, they begin to suspect Marco may be Mordred. Allie also begins to think that Miles may be Merlin.

The next day, they have a big exam. Marco plants a cheat sheet on the bottom of Will's shoe. Mr. Moore almost gives him detention but decides to give Will the benefit of the doubt. However his team resents him for the incident, no longer respecting his authority as team captain. Later that day, Allie reveals to Mr. Moore that she believes that Will is King Arthur and asks for his help in protecting him. In the chemistry lab, Allie and Miles experiment goes wrong due to tampering, and Marco warns them about meddling.

On the night of the game, Will sees Jennifer kiss Lance. Soon after Will gets in his car and drives away. Allie runs after him to the same spot where the first talked. Someone pushes her down the hill. When Will checks to see if she's alright Allie reveals to him that fate is involved in what happened. That he is King Arthur, reincarnated. Will gets mistaken impression that she's using a metaphor to cheer him up. After her speech he gets the courage to win the game despite what happened. Will speeds off without giving Allie a chance to explain.

At the game, just when he's about to play, its lights out because the eclipse and meteor shower have begun. Lights come back up and game continues, but Will's line men don't defend him properly. At halftime, Will speaks with Lance, and the two mend their friendship. Will also gives a pep talk to his team and forgives Jennifer, but he forgets his helmet in the locker room. Before he goes back to get it, he tells Allie to meet him after the game, but he doesn't come back to play. Allie and Miles go looking for him in the locker room but can't find him there. Miles sees Will in a vision in the theater room. They find Marco on the ground and Will injured, but Will says it wasn't Marco that hurt him. Mr. Moore suddenly appears and reveals to them that he is actually Mordred.

As Mr. Moore tries to kill them, Marco pushes Mr. Moore off the stage. Allie does not understand how Mr. Moore could be Mordred. While Marco explains, Mr. Moore recovers and summons his power through his cane, which transforms into a staff. He then fully transforms into Mordred. With his power manifested through his cane, Mordred attacks the four. To defend Will, Allie picks a toy Sword by a box and holding it she turns that into a real sword by the legend that "any sword, in King Arthur's hands becomes Excalibur". The entire room discovers that Allie is the actual reincarnation of King Arthur.

After being transported to a beach, Allie (now dressed in royal regalia) faces off with Mr. Moore (Mordred) in a duel. Mordred taunts Allie saying that a girl can't be King Arthur, he adds that he thought she might have been the Lady of the Lake. Allies counters that it doesn't really matter what he thought at this point. The two forces clash, Allie and her knights against Mordred and his followers. Miles (as Merlin) reclaims his staff from Mordred during the fighting. Enraged, Mordred raises his sword and tries to strike Allie down. Allie knocks his sword away, and wins the duel.

The group transports back to the stage where a police officer appears, after hearing noises. Mr. Moore tries to frame Allie for the disturbance, using Excalibur as evidence. Allie however manages to toss the sword to Miles, causing it to transform back into an ordinary prop sword. Despite Mr. Moore's growing desperation, the officer doesn't believe him. Mr. Moore is then taken away by the officer for his bizarre behavior, and Miles accepts that he's Merlin. Will rushes off to the football field. Before the rest of them can go back to the game, Marco bows to Allie, calling her "Highness".

Back at the game, twelve seconds are left on the clock when Will returns. Allie and Miles return to the stands where her parents wonder allowed if Arthur's return was just a myth after all. After Will's flawless touchdown, Avalon High wins the game. The team celebrates putting Will on their shoulders, but Will runs to Allie. The two share a kiss. Lance and Jen get together, and Miles gets his girl as well. In the end the fierce group officially return to their time period where Allie, Will, Jennifer, Marco, Lance and Miles meet again at the Round Table as the new "Knights of the Round Table".

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Trivia Edit

  • The film is based on the novel by Meg Cabot by the name.
  • The plot of this film differs from other King Arthur stories, as they claim that Mordred was Arthur's brother, where as most other literature states that he is Arthur's illegitimate son.
  • The final two football teams that the Knights play against in the movie are the Crusaders and the Dragons. Both team names have an intertwined history with the word knight.
  • In the film, the character names corresponding with characters from King Arthur Legends are:
    • Allie - Arthur
    • Mr. Moore - Mordred
    • Miles - Merlin
  • While in the book it was:
    • Will - Arthur
    • Mr. Moore (Mr. Morton) - Merlin. He is a member of the Order of The Bear, who believes that Arthur will return. He is tasked with watching over Will.
  • At one point in the film Allie's mother starts quoting poetry. She explains the poem in question is about how Arthur became the leader Britain needed. The lines come from an actual poem, "The Lady of Shalott", by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. The person being described in the poem is Sir Lancelot, not King Arthur, who isn't mentioned at all.
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