Annapolis, Maryland (probably)


Student of Avalon High

Redhead Cheerleader

Jennifer Gold is one of the characters in Avalon High. Jennifer is a cheerleader at Avalon High who corresponds to Queen Guinevere in the legend. She was originally dating Will (Arthur William Wagner) while cheating on him with Lance, but they broke up when Marco revealed their secret while Will, Allie, Marco, Jennifer, and Lance were out sailing.

Appearance Edit

She is a redhead cheerleader.

Personality Edit

Jennifer is described as one of those "perky little blondes who seem to know instinctively what color eye-shadow looks best on them." Although she is a bit of the stereotypical cheerleader, she is also a very nice person, and is very difficult not to like.

Biography Edit

Avalon High (2010 film) Edit

For a long time Jennifer dated William Wagner. However, over time she began to fall for Will's best friend Lance. Secretly Jennifer and Lance started dating behind his back. At one point they were discovered by the new girl, Allie Pennington. When Allie confronted Jennifer, she admitted she'd done a terrible thing. She asked that Allie let her and Lance reveal the truth to Will. To which Allie agreed, though reluctantly.

When at Will's party Will catches her and Lance. Jennifer and Lance apologize to him.

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  • Jennifer's last name "Gold" is not mentioned often.
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