Lance Benwick is one of Avalon High's best football players. He is also William Wagner's best friend. Like Lancelot in the Arthurian legend, Lance is Will's right hand man who betrays Arthur to be with Guinevere.

Appearance Edit

Lance is a tall, broad-shouldered and muscular teenager. He shaves his hair very short.

Personality Edit

Lance is not only a great team player but he is very patient and kind and likes people. He very rarely gets angry. His one flaw is that he didn't speak up about his feelings towards Jennifer to Will right away. Instead choosing to hide the relationship for fear of hurting Will's feelings.

Biography Edit

At one point Lance went behind Will's back and started seeing his girlfriend, Jennifer. Lance seemed to have no real intention to hurt Will, like Jennifer, however, he could not seem to deny his attraction to Jennifer.

Avalon High (2010 film) Edit

Lance and Will had been best friends for years. Secretly Lance and Jennifer started dating behind Will's back. At one point they were discovered by the new girl, Allie Pennington. When Allie confronted them, Lance admitted he'd done a terrible thing. He and Jennifer asked that Allie let them and Lance reveal the truth to Will. To which Allie agreed, though reluctantly.

When at Will's party Will catches her and Lance. Lance and Jennifer later apologized to him Will, which he accepted.

After Mr. Moore revealed his true nature as Mordred. He transported himself, Allie, Will, Marco, Miles and Lance to an alternate reality, where Lance fought alongside Will and the others against the army summoned be Mordred. With the help of Miles (as Merlin), Allie defeated Mordred and Lance and the others were returned safely to Avalon High.

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