This article is about the relationship between Miles and Allie Pennington.


During class, she sits next to Miles who suddenly felt pain and ordered Allie to tie her shoes - even though they were already tied. Mr. Moore announced that they would be studying the story of King Arthur. Will coincidentally got sports in Camelot. Will's girlfriend, Jennifer (Molly C. Quinn) gets the tragedy of Camelot (Lancelot and Guinevere's betrayal against Arthur). Allie - who made to partner Miles - gets the Order of the Bear. After school, Allie tries out for the school track team. While trying out she sees the football practice; however, her eyes see them as knights.

At home, Miles comes to Allie's home to study up on the Order of the Bear with Allie. While studying, Miles strangely feels pain [again] and goes to get ice for Allie, right before she hits her leg on the wall. Allie and Miles go ask Allie's parents (who are medieval professors) about the Order of Bear. They tell them that the Order of the Bear was a group of people who believe that King Arthur will one day be reincarnated. Allie asks when this particular time will happen, at which her mom says that Arthur will return when he leads the world out of the dark. Coincidentally, Arthur's evil step brother, Mordred, will be returning also, to ruin Arthur's life and ensure that darkness triumphs.

In the middle of the night, Allie wakes up and reads the Order of the Bear book again; but this time she finds a crown on one page and an exact drawing of Avalon High School on the other, even though it's supposed to be Camelot.

The next day, after class with Mr. Moore, he asks her if she found any information on the Order of the Bear. Allie tells him that she finds it doubtful that there will be a reincarnation of King Arthur. However, like Allie's mom, Mr. Moore too believes the King Arthur will be reincarnated. Allie suggests that she could bring the prophecy tomorrow for him, though he declines.

When she comes out of the classroom, Miles immediately interrogates her if whether she is in trouble or not. He tells her that he refuses to be friends with a trouble maker, despite that he continually tells her he's not her friend. She questions him to see if he's finally admitting that they are friends, but he admits nothing. Miles keeps on asking what Mr. Moore wanted. Allie finally tells him that they were just talking about the Order of the Bear prophecy.


  • The Miles and Allie pairing only exists in the Avalon High film, since the character of Miles did not exist in the original book series.
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