Mr. Moore
Mr. Moore

Annapolis, Maryland (probably)

Occuptation History teacher of Avalon High

Mr. Moore/Mordred is the History teacher at Allie Pennington, William Wagner and Miles school. He is the main antagonist of the film Avalon High.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Moore is a tall man with brown hair, wearing thin-rimmed glasses.

Personality Edit

In the books, and for the majority of the film, Mr. Moore is nothing but kind, patient and understanding. It is later discovered that his natural talent as guide was due to being the reincarnation of Merlin the Magician himself.

In the film however, that is all a deception. Deceitful and power hungry, Mr. Moore was in reality hiding his true nature as Mordred in order to learn the identity of the reincarnation of Arthur. His petty nature showed itself best when he snidely remarked that he'd never suspected that King Arthur would be reincarnated as a teenaged girl.

Biography Edit

Mr. Morton was a English teacher at Avalon High with an interest in Arthurian myth. However Their was more to Mr. Morton, he wasn't just high-school teacher, but a part of an eternal war between good and evil. He was in fact connected to Merlin the magician. Almost a reincarnation.

While easily frightened, Mr. Morton was able to guide the young girl Elaine Harrison in protecting another of his students, Will, whom Mr. Morton realized was the reincarnation of King Arthur.

Avalon High (2010 film) Edit

To the students of Avalon High, Mr. Moore was the harmless, enthusiastic medieval history teacher. But, as Allie and her friends discovered, this persona was all a deception to assist in his true goal. To destroy the reincarnation of King Arthur. When he realized he was the reincarnation of Mordred, Mr. Moore became obsessed with fulfilling his destiny. However, he mixed up who the new Arthur was.


  • In the original book, Mr. Moore was the English teacher at Avalon High.
  • Mr. Moore went by the name Mr. Morton in the original book.
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