Arthur William "Will" Wagner

Annapolis, Maryland


Student of Avalon High

Basic football player

Arthur William "Will" Wagner is one of the main characters in Avalon High.

Will (as most characters call him) is the son of Arthur Wagner and Jean Campbell Wagner. He has a Border Collie named Cavalier, who corresponds to King Arthur's dog Cavall. His sailboat, the Pride Winn, corresponds to Arthur's Prydwyn. He is the main deuteragonist. When he asked Ellie, or as she is called in the film, Allie, she replied "I have a boyfriend."

Appearance Edit

Will has wavy brown hair, which he wears cropped short he and brown eyes. He is around six feet tall and considered very handsome.

Personality Edit

Will is a very relaxed and good-natured person who only very seldom loses his temper. A very easygoing young man. However even he could lose his temper and get angry. Such as when he became angry at his friends Lance and Jennifer when learned that they had been dating behind his back.

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Avalon High (2010 film) Edit

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  • In the film he is the reincarnation of Sir Bedivere.
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